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Our Ancient Forests

This months article by Glynne Howels is a thorough introduction to forests, and how they have adapted life around them since the beginning of time. Today, forests occupy approximately one-third of Earth’s land area, account for over two-thirds of the leaf area of land plants, and contain about 70% of carbon present in living things. They have been held in reverence in folklore and worshipped in ancient religions. Threatened However, forests are becoming major casualties of civilization as human populations have increased over the past several thousand years, bringing deforestation, pollution, and industrial usage problems to this important biome. Forests […]

Image Source: Zululand Birding Route

oNgoye Forest Nature Reserve

Ngoye, oNgoye, Ongoye – no matter how you spell it or pronounce it, with an estimated 605 bird species this is regarded as one of the gems along the Zululand Birding Route. This is reputedly the only place in the world where the rare Woodward’s barbet or green barbet is found. Located only 150 kilometres north of Durban, between Mtunzini, Eshowe and Empangeni, makes this a very accessible destination, along a culturally rich part of KZN. It is wise to note though that a 4×4 vehicle is required due to the condition of the roads. A reserve of almost 4000 […]

Ancient Forests of KwaZulu Natal and Zululand

KZN WILDLIFE`S SPECIAL FORESTS Taken from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Rhino Club November News. For enquiries regarding the Rhino Gold Club, simply contact the Helpdesk by email to or fax 033 8451015 or Tel 033 8451011/13 Situated in southern Zululand, near the town of Eshowe, are two beautiful indigenous forests Dlinza and Entumeni. Both consist almost entirely of coastal scarp forest with a few glades of grassland. Known for their birds and plants, the forests are also home to a number of mammal species. The forests are currently visited by bird watchers from all over the world with the hope […]