NY Antique Dealer Jailed for Rhino Horn & Ivory Products

This is indeed good news, but sadly still a drop in the ocean. A New York antiques dealer was sentenced on 5 December 2013 for conspiracy to smuggle Asian artefacts made from rhino horns and ivory. The antiques dealer, Qiang Wang, was sentenced to three years and one month with a further three years supervised release by a United States federal court. This followed his arrest  in February 2013 as a result of “Operation Crash”, an ongoing nationwide effort led by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) and the Justice Department to detect, deter and prosecute those engaged in the illegal killing […]

Save The Rhino Fundraiser Dinner

Celebrate Life is hosting an evening of fine dining and live entertainment in order to raise funds to save the African Rhino from poaching.   Funds will be donated to the Thula Thula Rhino Sanctuary to help create a refuge in Kwazulu Natal where orphan rhinos from poaching will be welcomed and cared for.   VENUE : Park Lane Sheraton Hotel, London DATE : Friday, 27th September 2013 TICKETS : £1,800 per table of ten guest GUESTS : Total of 250 guests    

Protect Africa’s Oldest National Park

Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park needs your help. Today WWF has launched a global campaign to protect Virunga. We need to keep an oil company, Soco International PLC (Soco), out of the park and stop it from exploring for oil. Add your name We want to show Soco that the public won’t stand for any threats to the world’s most incredible treasures. You can help us by adding your name to show you draw the line at the exploitation of Virunga National Park. Virunga, on the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is Africa’s oldest national park and […]

Goblin Sharks

Mitsukurina owstoni, or Goblin Shark, is the only remaining representative of the Mitsukurinidae family of sharks, that originated at least 125 million years ago, and often referred to as living fossils.The Goblin shark has only been encountered a few times and very little is known about it. What is known is that it is a slow moving deep sea shark that lives at depths of 1200m/4000ft in seas around the world. Goblin sharks have been observed in the western Indian Ocean, western Pacific Ocean and most of the Atlantic. They are known for their strange specialized “catapulting” jaws, which almost looks like […]

Forests KZN

Our Ancient Forests

This months article by Glynne Howels is a thorough introduction to forests, and how they have adapted life around them since the beginning of time. Today, forests occupy approximately one-third of Earth’s land area, account for over two-thirds of the leaf area of land plants, and contain about 70% of carbon present in living things. They have been held in reverence in folklore and worshipped in ancient religions. Threatened However, forests are becoming major casualties of civilization as human populations have increased over the past several thousand years, bringing deforestation, pollution, and industrial usage problems to this important biome. Forests […]

Seize Your Power With WWF

We believe our future can, and should, be powered by nature. The energy systems in place across the planet within the next four years will define the world’s climate change path for generations. All countries have a right to develop, yet we need to invest money now in clean and renewable energy – to limit dangerous climate change, to reduce the risk to human health from fossil fuels, to fast-track access to energy, and to safeguard our collective future. We call on financial institutions and governments worldwide to act immediately to invest more in sustainable energy powered by wind, water […]