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  • Whale Watching

    South Africa enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s best whale watching locations. Every year, pods of Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales migrate off its shores, and dolphins can be spotted all year round. As such, whale watching is one of the main attractions of South Africa – and indeed the KwaZulu Natal […]

  • Sharks: are we conditioning them?

    Shark baiting is a controversial “sport” where participants are lowered in a shark proof cage while tour guides bait the waters for sharks, leading to potentially aggressive behaviors by the shark population. The practice is used by thrill-seeking scuba divers and underwater photographers. Wildlife sightings are always hit or miss. You have to go in […]

  • Explore Sodwana Bay

    Explore Sodwana Bay

    Situated on the Zululand coast 360km north of Durban, and 580km from Johannesburg, Maputaland has so much to offer and should arguably be listed in the top 10 destinations for South Africa. The jewel of Maputaland is Sodwana Bay, from the freshwater lake of Sibaya to one of the richest coral reefs in the world. […]

  • The Old Man and the Sea

    The Old Man and the Sea

    A fisherman’s tale On December 23, 1938, Hendrik Goosen, the captain of the trawler Nerine, returned to the harbour at East London, South Africa, after a trawl between the Chalumna and Ncera Rivers. As he frequently did, he telephoned his friend, Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, curator at East London’s small museum, to see if she wanted to […]

  • Getting to know our Oceans better

    We take our oceans for granted, and while the oceans are such a major part of our planet, we know so little about what lies beneath, what secrets it might still yield. have put together another interesting infographic to help us understand our most important natural heritage. The Earth is literally covered in water: […]

  • Oceans of Garbage

    Oceans of Garbage

    Our population continues to grow at an unsustainable rate, and the infographic from brings this home in chilling detail. Consuming unhealthy or non-nutritious food is usually a choice, but sometimes, the things people eat are much worse for them than they know. When it comes to seafood, the average person is consuming well over […]

  • National Marine Month

    [vimeo 24884553 w=400 h=225] Song Of the Spindle from Drew Christie on Vimeo. As part of an awareness for the start of National Marine Month, here is a wonderful video by Drew Christie showing our connection with whales and cetaceans. Please watch and share with all your friends. This video was found on the Green […]

  • Increased protection urgently needed for tunas

    | International news release For the first time, all species of scombrids (tunas, bonitos, mackerels and Spanish mackerels) and billfishes (swordfish and marlins) have been assessed for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Of the 61 known species, seven are classified in a threatened category, being at serious risk of extinction. Four species are […]

  • World Oceans Day

    This week saw the celebration of World Oceans Day, an opportunity to reflect on what our oceans mean to us, and how to protect and conserve this resource. First proposed by Canada in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the movement has grown in success from year to year, becoming an […]

  • First Humpback Whales Spotted

    There is always great excitement when the first of the migrating Humpback Whales is spotted off our coast in KZN. With a report from Advantage Tours of a recent sighting now is the time to start planning your outing to see these amazing and endangered giants. They have a guarantee of your money back if […]