Category: Boundless Oceans

  • Ocean Facts

    Facts and figures Here are some interesting facts about our oceans, and how they can help us reach our goals for meeting energy demand, while at the same time help combat climate change. We do after all live on a water planet, isn’t it time we woke up to the fact we cant keep on […]

  • Our Oceans – Blue Gold

    The latest news from IUCN urges us to take heed of the need to protect our oceans, not purely for sustaining our current consumption but for the future potential benefits that science is only beginning to understand. The following article is from the IUCN News and projects newsletter and is worth a read: The oceans […]

  • Coral Reef

    A number of publications are available from IUCN down-loadable in pdf. I came across a  great one on coral reefs, and with Sodwana as our backyard with its collection of 14 rocky reefs I thought I would highlight some of the interesting facts.  Sodwana is one of the most southern coral reefs in the world, […]

  • Floating Cities

    Ready by 2025? I guess I will be preparing for retirement so sign me up for my green waterfront apartment already. Japanese scientists, engineers and financiers have started working on a futuristic project called the Green Float project, a carbon negative floating city. The Shimizu Corporation explained their vision behind this futuristic city and the […]