First Humpback Whales Spotted

The Humpback Whale
Seen off the Zululand coast in winter

There is always great excitement when the first of the migrating Humpback Whales is spotted off our coast in KZN. With a report from Advantage Tours of a recent sighting now is the time to start planning your outing to see these amazing and endangered giants. They have a guarantee of your money back if you dont spot one on the trip, so the worse thing that can happen is a great boat trip out on the ocean for free – like they say, Africa is a tough country.

Known for their magical sounds and songs that can travel for great distances, and often carrying on for hours, they are thought to be a form of communication, and of attracting potential mates.

Reaching an impressive 15m to 20m in length and weighing in at around 40 tons, they are the equivalent in length to a large bus.

These huge animals feed on plankton, small fish and tiny shrimp-like krill. They migrate annually from the summer feeding grounds near the poles to the warmer winter waters closer to the equator to breed and raise their young. While mothers nurse their young for up to a year, they continue growing for close on ten years.


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