Leaders in Conservation

This was posted on Google+ by Kathryn Kure, after a recent meeting of Project Rhino KZN:

Spot the man with the white beard at the back?

That’s Kingsley Holgate, raconteur of note, spell-binding story-teller, traveller and humanitarian

He popped into our last meeting of Project Rhino KZN, which cause he has adopted (spot the logo on the back of the Landy) and enthralled us all with his escapades.

His talk to us was both invigorating and distressing. Invigorating, in that he put new strength into our resolve, It was distressing because he talked of young men for whom killing a rhino had become a rite of passage and passport to the good life.

We look forward to meeting up with him again at the end of his journey through Mozambique and down KwaZulu-Natal.

Image Source: Kathryn Kure via G+
Image Source: Kathryn Kure via G+

Project Rhino KZN members from L-R: Mark Gerrard (Wildlands Conservation Trust), Dave Robertson (Zululand Rhino Reserve), Warren Beets (Thanda Private Game Reserve), Etienne Gerber (ZAP-Wing principal pilot), Megan Petersdof (Space for Elephants), Simon Naylor (Phinda Private Game Reserve), Digs Pascoe (Space for Elephants), Kingsley Holgate, Kathryn Kure (eThekweni Community Foundation), Mannie Esterhuizen and Mark Dewet (Zulu Nyala), Sheelagh Antrobus (Project Rhino KZN Secretariat).

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  1. Thanks to all these dedicated and positive minded guardians of our creation.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. I agree, we need to support and encourage everyone involved in this ongoing war against poachers.

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