Rhino Threat Call to Action

Rhino Threat Call to Action

Avaaz (a global web movement that aims to bring people-powered politics to decision makers) has raised a call to action concerning the increasing slaughter of our Rhino.

Meaning “voice” in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, Avaaz aims to galvanise ordinary people across the globe to influence politicians and global decision makers.

In a call for action, Avaaz have this appeal going out ahead of the next international wildlife trade summit in July this year:

As concerned global citizens we call on you to push members of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species to save rhinos by immediately suspending trade in all rhino products. Furthermore, enforcement measures should be strengthened and consumer countries must honour their promises to run far-reaching public awareness campaigns. Your action today can end deadly poaching and save the species from extinction.

With a sickening 440 rhino killed last year, and on average a rhino a day being killed in 2012, its time to face the reality that our rhino are being hunted to extinction.

Avaaz go on to say:

The situation is so dire that the threat has even spread into British zoos who are on red-alert for rhino killing gangs!

Sign the petition and join 736,762 that have already signed and help us get to 1,000,000

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