Winter Diving At Sodwana

Sodwana Bay – dive report July 2013

Although the winter is upon us we are lucky to have warm days throughout the year in Sodwana Bay.

Ragged Tooth Shark and Diver - by Peter Timm
Image Source: Peter Timm

The vapour puffs on the horizon indicate that the humpback whales are beginning to pass the bay.  We have been treated to several displays from these amazing creatures as they breach and play with their new calves.  For me this is the most magical encounter you can have, sometimes their calves will come up to the dive boats, roll on their sides to check you out and peer at you from the water while the protective mother will try and shield them from view.

We have had a number of Manta Rays visiting our reefs and have had sightings of up to four at a time on Stringer and Bikini Reefs.

Another unusual sighting this month was of a Ragged Tooth Shark (Spotted Sand Tiger Shark) on Mellow Yellow just cruising around amongst the schools of yellow and blue banded snappers much to the delight of the divers.

Triton Dive Lodge has two Coelacanth expeditions running from the 1st-20th of July so hopefully we will gain some more information on our oldest fish population that resides in the deep canyons of Sodwana Bay.

The best thing about this great dive destination is that you really can see anything at anytime so don’t miss out, grab your dive gear and head for the coast for some winter sun.

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