Winter In The Bush

This months Ranger Report from Leopard Mountain Lodge:

Leopard Mountain Lodge Rangers ReportEntering our winter season we can say hello to some of our winter bird life. The Yellowthroated Longclaw has been a favourite on drives and a special Black Coucal sighting was also reported.

With the rains coming to an end, the breeding herd of Elephants have been moving to the south and we have been very fortunate to have had some special moments with the herd. The baby Elephants are still so small we can barely see them above the long savannah grass – just their small trunks gripping onto their mommys’ tails.

Yellow Throated LongclawOther than that, with all the building the rangers have been very busy at the lodge and hope that guests will enjoy the new chalets here at Leopard Mountain.

Now that the dust is settling and the grass sparse enough to see through the bush, we are excited for our winter drives and some great sightings of Leopard, Serval and other more secretive animals.

Till next time, take care!

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