Online Travel Planner has acquired the established and well known local search engine

We are excited about the enhanced search facility this gives us. With a rapidly growing database it now allows easier access to travel information, and a place for local businesses to market themselves to an even larger audience.hoonoze Zululand? is a platform for tourism establishments to showcase their travel products. With a standard page for each listing, tourism establishments can offer detailed and relevant information to the traveler prior to booking. There is even space for free text, allowing entry level exposure.

hoonoze Zululand aims to answer the questions:

This data base should ultimately enable travelers to choose their destination with ease and be prepared for a safe and happy trip. We will offer a range of services such as weather forecasts, forex prices with VISA locator and currency converters. Also our travel advice includes tips for traveling with children, packing tips, embassies of the world, travel insurance, maps, travel guides, time zones of the world and luggage sales.

Check it out, and please let us know what you think, ideas, criticisms (but be nice!) or just share whats on your mind, hoonze, maybe your latest travel experiences….

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