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Barefoot Community Works, an NGO operating near Sodwana on our north coast, recently ran this competition with huge success. We need more ideas like this to get the community involved from a young age in understanding the benefits of recycling, and the impact we are having on our environment.

Although the competition is over, have a look at the concept, head over to their site for their other ideas, and lets see how we can get involved.

We will publish photos of the winner, and a follow up of other interesting recycled ideas that came out of the competition.

Now I wonder if we can find out what they did with the 2L plastic bottles they collected as an entry fee…….

Toy Making Competition

For the Art Teacher:

Please inform students that toys and bottles must be prepared over their July school holiday, and they must bring the finished toy to art class the day school opens up again. They must also bring their five bottles that day.

Please use art class during the final week to make final touches to make final touches to the project. Please collect the bottles and check that they are stuffed tight using a stick to compress the plastic litter inside. Give kids the opportunity to go and fill up bottles that are not full. Only those with 5 FULL bottles are allowed to enter.

Children are not to buy things to make the toys. They must find things lying around that can be re-used.

Arrange with a CWP team leader and supervisor a time around the 25th of July to choose the winner of the school. The winner of each school will receive a soccer ball.

Barefoot Community Works will organize the winning toys to be collected for the next round of the competition.

The winning entries will be announced by Friday 29, July. During the following week, toys the prizes will be handed out to the winners at their schools.

via Barefoot Community Works | Just another site.

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