Billfish Guide

Billfish—which include swordfish (family Xphiidae), marlin, sailfish, and spearfish (all members of the family Istiophoridae)—are best known for their prominent bills which they use to catch fish, squid, and other forms of prey. What else is cool about billfish? Here’s a practical guide to the predatory fish. info

Some conversions from the infographic:

Black Marlin 1.5m to 4.6m in length and up to 699kg

Swordfish 1.2m to 4.4m in length and up to 540kg

Sailfish 1.0m to 3.1m in length and up to 58kg

White Marlin 1.3m to 2.7m in length and up to 82kg

HINT: Double Click image for full size:

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