zululand.co.za has acquired the established and well known local search engine hoonoze.com We are excited about the enhanced search facility this gives us. With a rapidly growing database it now allows easier access to travel information, and a place for local businesses to market themselves to an even larger audience.

The Kosi Bay Nature Reserve is situated on the coast in the northern part of KwaZulu Natal and surrounds the Kosi Bay lake system. The system consists of four lakes and a series of inter-connecting channels which drain via a sandy estuary into the Indian ocean. It is home to a variety of birds and wildlife including hippopotamus and crocodile. This is the most pristine lake system on the South […]

For Your Safety and Enjoyment in the Mountains From KZN Wildlife newsletter: The Drakensberg lies in the summer rainfall area of Southern Africa (October to March). During this time thunderstorms, accompanied by sleet and hail, can occur several days in succession. They are normally preceded by a small fluffy cloud build-up at high altitude by mid-morning. By midday, the storm is usually fully developed and lasts until mid-afternoon. This weather […]

TAITA FALCON From KZN Wildlife Rhino Club Newsletter: Few people have heard of South Africa’s rarest bird – and even fewer have seen one. But Andre Botha hopes the tiny and enigmatic Taita falcon will continue to hunt from the skies of the Lowveld, despite its critically low numbers. “I often ask birders what is South Africa`s rarest bird and they mention the wattled crane and the blue swallow,” explains […]