Floating Cities

Ready by 2025? I guess I will be preparing for retirement so sign me up for my green waterfront apartment already. Japanese scientists, engineers and financiers have started working on a futuristic project called the Green Float project, a carbon negative floating city.

The Shimizu Corporation explained their vision behind this futuristic city and the botanical city concept.

We live remarkably convenient lives in cities that have developed along economic lines.

But happiness should be measured separately from material wealth.

Contact with Nature. Time passed leisurely in cultural pursuits. Healthy and comfortable living.

And blending into and living and growing harmoniously with Nature as part of the ecosystem.

We can make a city, like a single plant, that embodies these principles.

Our model of a new environmental city was born from these aspirations.

Building a 1km high tower that is a vertical farm with a city perched on top, all on a floating concrete platform out on the ocean might seem improbable, but a number of leading universities, engineers and technology firms have signed up to work on this. The idea is that each floating city will power and feed itself, providing a self sufficient and carbon-neutral city of up to 50,000 people.

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