An annual vulture tagging project was established with the aim of saving our critically endangered vultures of Zululand. There are five Savannah species of vulture found in Zululand, all of them listed as endangered or critically endangered. It is projected that breeding pairs of Lappet Faced and White Headed Vultures will be facing extinction locally by 2020 if current trends continue – The objectives of the annual Zululand Vulture Tagging Project […]

This rangers report is courtesy of Leopard Mountain Lodge and is action packed with news from ranger Chase, Andrew, Adam, Kelwan & Donald. Although its an old post, it gives us a glimpse into life on a game reserve and a typical summer in South Africa. Summer in South Africa Summer brings its changes throughout the country. The fluctuating weather for us means warm days normally ending in a fantastic thunderstorm. Unstable conditions […]

Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park needs your help. Today WWF has launched a global campaign to protect Virunga. We need to keep an oil company, Soco International PLC (Soco), out of the park and stop it from exploring for oil. We want to show Soco that the public won’t stand for any threats to the world’s most incredible treasures You can help us by adding your name to show you […]

Ubizane Wildlife Reserve Revamp – Ubizane Wildlife Reserve is situated four kilometers from Hluhluwe Town, and on the access road to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi National Park. A mere two and a half hour’s drive from Durban’s King Shaka airport makes this a very accessible destination to experience the local bush life, including the Greater St Lucia World Heritage Site. At the summit of Ubizane, Zulu for the Place of Calling,  is where the […]